Successful TPCHF Grants

Successful TPCHF Grants

TPCH Foundation Research Fellowship


Congratulations to Dr Chris Chan on his successful Research Fellowship from The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation! TPCH Foundation Research Fellowships provide full-time salary support to post-doctoral researchers.

Research Project: Reducing bleeding with Mechanical Hearts through Improved Blood-Compatibility.

Chris will be undertaking laboratory based methods to investigate the cause of bleeding in CF-LVAD patients with the intention of improving testing standards and LVAD design principles, whilst also directly translating into patient care protocols.

Chris’ project will develop a comprehensive haemocompatibility benchmark for LVAD in vitro testing and inform LVAD designers whether the next-generation LVAD should incorporate pulsatility in order to reduce bleeding complications. Furthermore, the proposed exercise study could lead to a new clinical guidelines for improving bleeding management strategies.

TPCH Foundation Emerging Researcher Grants

Congratulations to Martin Mapley and Clayton Semenzin who have both been awarded an Emerging Researcher Grant from The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation! Emerging Researcher Grants provide up to $25000 to fund a 12 month project for researchers who have already completed a small research project.

Martin Mapley 

Novel Hubless Axial Flow Impeller for Rotary Blood Pumps


Clayton Semenzin

Investigation of Introducing Pulsatility Through Manipulation of the Impeller Axial Clearance to Centrifugal Rotary Blood Pumps

The Common Good

The Common Good (aka. The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation) provides extensive assistance in funding the research that is conducted at The Prince CHarles Hospital. For more information on the funding rounds and work that they do please follow the link below.