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The CCRG was founded in 2004 by Professor John Fraser. The CCRG is based in The Prince Charles Hospital—Australia’s leading cardiothoracic hospital for more than 20 years. Professor Fraser envisaged a research team who through respect, teamwork, compassion and shared responsibility would undertake innovative research to improve patient outcomes for even the sickest of the sick.The CCRG has grown from its humble beginnings—with only a donation slip, a research poster and a lot of enthusiasm—to become the largest Critical Care Research group of its kind in Australasia.The patient is the ultimate beneficiary of the CCRG’s research. Our research is clinician-driven and aims to address gaps in current practice to aid clinical decision-making and patient management, resulting in improved levels of care provided to acutely ill patients, improved patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

The CCRG has made significant contributions to the advancement of clinical medicine through clinician-driven, translational research and is recognised as a world leader in its field.The group boasts extensive worldwide collaborations and provides opportunities for partnering with and attracting some of the world’s leading academics to Queensland. This contributes greatly to our State’ medical and scientific knowledge-base, research and development capabilities and ability to increase our output of innovative, scientifically-based technologies developed right here in Queensland. The CCRG comprises physicians, nurses, scientists, engineers, allied health practitioners, statisticians, epidemiologists and administrative staff, who are all focused on improving patient outcomes through the development of new and innovative technology to improve clinical practice.

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To address the cardiovascular disease epidemic, and the limitations of current treatment options, the CCRG has a focus on researching and developing: To address the challenges posed by cardiovascular disease.

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The CCRG has recently partnered with Centre for Translational Research in Biomedical Sciences (CTRBS) in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Through this partnership the CCRG has already gained agreement to initiate four international PhD exchanges between Taiwan and Brisbane. In addition, the CCRG and CTRBS are midway through writing an institutional grant between Taiwan and Australia worth US$5 million each year for 4 years. If successful, this collaboration could enhance knowledge transfer and job creation between our two countries, bringing the best and brightest minds to Queensland and, along with our industry partners, provide a tried and tested route to market.

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There is clear synergism between the world-leading research the CCRG conducts and the cutting edge clinical services being trialled and improved within Queensland.

The company is central to the investigation and development of world-first, innovative solutions designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce the significant burden of cardiovascular disease on society – collaborating with International researchers and scientists in order to deliver on this incredible objective. CCRG and its collaborators have an active and mature collaborative. Researchers, doctors and scientists are working in a silo-free manner through the Brisbane hub, in Taiwan, Korea, China, Singapore, Japan and other sites.


European, and North American centres have now joined the collaborative and staff from leading hospitals across these areas are all arriving to work with world leaders through our teams. With multiple international agreements are currently being finalised between the CCRG and China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore, with existing partnerships established between Monash University, University of New South Wales, Griffith University, The University of Queensland and the Queensland University of Technology. The CCRG is rapidly becoming a world centre for research excellence, right here in Queensland.