Project title

Systematic review and meta-analysis of age of red cells


Dr Monica Suet Ying Ng, Angela Suet Yeung Ng, Dr Jessica Chan, Dr John-Paul Tung, Prof John Fraser


Some studies have shown that major packed red blood cell (PRBC) changes occur between 7-14 days of storage. Several in vitro and in vivo studies, including significant investigations by our group, have linked these changes to capillary occlusion, inappropriate immunomodulation, endothelial dysfunction and increased thrombogenecity. But do these observed effects translate into increased morbidity or mortality in transfused patients?

Research Plan

Computerised searches of Pubmed and EMBASE identified publications that reported PRBC storage duration and post-transfusion outcomes. Bibliographies of relevant literature were manually searched to incorporate missed studies. Randomised controlled trial (RCT) data was meta-analysed using a random effects model with Cochrane Collaboration Review Manager (RevMan) version 5.1 software. Observational investigations were systematically reviewed. Investigators of each study were then contacted to collect the original de-identified datasets to a pooled analysis – preliminary data has been presented at the Intensive Care Society – State of the Art Meeting 2014. This project is currently being completed in collaboration with the Sanquin Blood Supply, Netherlands and Department of Medicine, McMaster University, Canada.


Ng MSY, Anstey CM, Ng ASY, Chan J, Tung JP, Fraser JF; A preliminary study of pooled patient-level data derived from published studies designed to investigate the effects of stored packed red blood cell transfusions on mortality, infection risk and hospital length of stay; Journal of the Intensive Care Society, 2011 16(Suppl 1): 79-80, doi:10.1177/1751143715577565

Ng MSY, Ng ASY, Chan J, Tung JP, Fraser JF; Effects of packed red blood cell storage duration on post-transfusion clinical outcomes: a meta-analysis and systematic review; Intensive Care Medicine, 2015 41(12): 2087-97, doi: 10.1007/s00134-015-4078-5