Addressing patient concerns in ICU for a quicker and more worthwhile recovery

Translational Science

Leveraging pre-clinical models to address real world medical demands


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Based in Australia’s leading cardiothoracic hospital, The Prince Charles Hospital, the Critical Care Research Group (CCRG) consists of three streams – Clinical Research, Translational Science, and Engineering. Whilst there are multiple sectors of CCRG, they all have one primary focus – improving outcomes for the hospital patient. 

Our research is clinically-focused and aims to address gaps in current practice to aid clinical decision-making and patient management, resulting in improved levels of care for critically ill patients, reduced healthcare costs and improved patient outcomes.

CCRG is an incredibly unique research environment with the collaboration of clinicians, nurses, scientists and engineers in one research group. There are currently a range of diverse projects running, from improving outcomes for heart transplant patients, to better understanding patients with acute respiratory failure, and also optimising mechanical support of patients for better long-term outcomes. 

Current Projects

Major projects currently in progress at CCRG

Student Projects

Info on projects currently available for students

Honours Students

Students interested in undertaking a research project for their 4th year honours thesis are invited to enquire about opportunities with CCRG. Students are selected based on their CV, academic record, motivation and work ethic, and can expect to be involved in groundbreaking pre-clinical research across a range of exciting projects. Students will also be supported by both clinical researchers, scientists and engineers.

PhD & MPhil

We welcome both students with specific innovative ideas related to our research and those with a broader interest to enquire further about undertaking a project with CCRG. We value candidates who demonstrate dedication and are capable of working both independently and within our diverse team. The CCRG team currently supports 20 PhD and MPhil students from multiple institutes, including UQ, QUT and Griffith.

Postdoctoral Positions

Postdoctoral research fellows are critical to our research success and play a significant role in CCRG. We look for candidates who are driven and take ownership over their research career. Postdocs are typically expected to lead a multi-disciplinary team over a large-scale project. Postdocs are also encouraged to take on student supervision, as well as grant applications. We invite all interested applicants to apply. Specific vacancies are also advertised periodically.

Sabbatical Visitors

We welcome enquiries from those interested in taking time away from their current roles to develop or extend upon their research skills. CCRG offers a world-class environment to conduct in-depth mechanistic experimentation and investigation of critical care medicine. Our outstanding multidisciplinary team consists of clinicians, nurses, engineers and scientists, from over 20 countries. Sabbatical visitors will be a member of a variety of team wide projects. We value individuals with strong research interest and experiences, who are keen to embrace new adventures and work with people from diverse backgrounds.