The Critical Care Research Group (CCRG) is a world leader in the field of critical care research and biomedical engineering, with a focus on developing technologies that improve outcomes for critically ill patients. 


About CCRG

The Critical Care Research Group (CCRG) – based at The Prince Charles Hospital (TPCH) – is a collaborative of multi-disciplinary researchers committed to finding world-first innovative solutions that will lead to healthier living, improved quality of life, fewer hospitalisations and more efficient clinical treatment.

 Our research is clinician-driven and aims to address gaps in current practice to aid clinical decision-making and patient management, resulting in improved levels of care provided to acutely ill patients, improved patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs. 

CCRG Updates

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Job Oppportunites

Manager - Critical Care Research Group

About the Role

  • Provide high level leadership, management and coordination of the administrative, financial, human resources management, research governance, and contractual responsibilities for the CCRG.
  • Manage a large multidisciplinary team across multiple sites locally, nationally and internationally with multiple employers (eg. Queensland Government, universities and research institutes, Non-Government Organisations) including activities such as recruitment, induction, and performance appraisal and development.
  • In conjunction with the CCRG researchers, develop and facilitate the strategic direction of CCRG research and develop a sustainable research environment by managing and securing further funding and dedicated infrastructure for research, including identifying and obtaining external revenue from commercial and competitive sources.
  • Coordinate and develop a wide range of communication activities to both internal and external stakeholders on the research endeavours and outputs of the CCRG including stakeholder information sessions, research seminars, promotional and marketing campaigns, educational sessions, electronic publications (eg. newsletter, web publishing, social media) and corporate branding.
  • Liaise with relevant stakeholders to ensure project management, human resources management, ethics, governance, project funding and contractual matters for the CCRG are conducted in accordance with MNHHS (and other relevant institutional) policies and guidelines to enable compliance and optimal outcomes from research activities

Closing Date: Tuesday 4th Feburary 2020

Research focuses

  • Heart transplant and heart failure
  • Mechanical heart support
  • ECMO oxygenation, flow and canulation practices
  • Acute respiratory distress syndrome management
  • Genomic diagnostic and theraputic solutions

Contact us

For more information about current projects, get in touch via the contact channels below.