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The CCRG is a world leader in the field of biomedical engineering and research. With a focus on developing technologies, that improve outcomes for critically ill patients. The CCRG provides opportunities to partner with global researchers, clinicans, engineers and scientists. This opportunity provides a unique worldwide collaborative effort to increase innovation and combat endemic health issues in society.




We are passionate about improving clinical conditions.

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The CCRG brings a globally connected team of researchers, clinicians and scientists together, for pioneering teamwork.

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Our team is founded upon a shared vision for research excellence and our success is built on this value.

Our Philosophy.

The Prince Charles Hospital Critical Care Research Group (CCRG) was founded in late 2004, as an association between all disciplines involved in the care of the critically ill, with a focus on local, national and international collaboration. The group is a multi-disciplinary team composed of medical, nursing, scientific and allied healthcare professionals. Medical disciplines include intensive care, cardiothoracic surgery, anaesthesia, transplant medicine, thoracic medicine, emergency medicine histopathology, and transfusion medicine. CCRG Laboratories In 2010 we were fortunate enough to have been provided with a permanent and dedicated laboratory space on the 3rd floor of the Clinical Sciences Building.

The CCRG science laboratory has been refurbished, and is now equipped for cell biology, immunology, transfusion technologies and cell culture work, as well as a dedicated microscopy area and top of the range microscopes. This facility and space will allow us to advance our research; support our increasing scientific activity and productivity, attract fulltime scientific staff, postgraduate students and local, national and international collaborators to participate in our research. Later that year, the biomedical engineering laboratory on the 1st floor of the Clinical Sciences Building was dismantled, then totally refitted and refurbished by Baulderstone and N. Stenning & Co. generously assisted in the equipping of the laboratory.

Research Objectives and Aims

CCRG consists of a collaboration of local, national and international clinicians, scientists, nurses, data managers, allied health practitioners and engineers all dedicated to generating high quality scientific information to increase our understanding of mechanisms of critical illness which will ultimately improve patient outcomes. The CCRG prides itself in being at the forefront of research into the development of a novel bi-ventricular heart device the development multiple large animal (ovine) models for mechanistic studies improving patient care, our aims are:

  • To translate new knowledge about critically ill patients into new or improved treatment modalities.
  • To educate and inform medical and other health professionals of the results of our research through • publication in peer reviewed medical and other professional journals • presentation at professional meetings and conferences • development of high quality in-house education tools, including high-end simulation, animal models and video productions.
  • To develop the quality and significance of our research to become a nationally and internationally recognised research centre.
  • To facilitate inter-departmental collaboration between all specialties involved in acute care medicine. Through this work, we will achieve better outcome in patients with acute illness – whether medical or surgical in origin.

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We are a passionate research team comprised of Nurses, Scientists, Clinicians and Researchers joined in collaboration around the world.

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