The CCRG is a world leader in the field of critical care research and biomedical engineering, with a focus on developing technologies that improve outcomes for critically ill patients. 

About CCRG

The Critical Care Research Group (CCRG) – based at The Prince Charles Hospital (TPCH) – is a collaborative of multi-disciplinary researchers committed to finding world-first innovative solutions that will lead to healthier living, improved quality of life, less hospitalisations and more efficient clinical treatment.

 Our research is clinician-driven and aims to address gaps in current practice to aid clinical decision-making and patient management, resulting in improved levels of care provided to acutely ill patients, improved patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs. 

Research focuses

  • Heart transplant and heart failure
  • Mechanical heart support
  • ECMO oxygenation, flow and canulation practices
  • Acute respiratory distress syndrome management
  • Genomic diagnostic and theraputic solutions

Contact us

For more information about current projects, get in touch via the contact channels below.